The Biggest Regret

Have you ever wondered what could be the biggest regret of your life? Lying on your death bed with just few heartbeats left, thinking what I have achieved in my life? Where did I lack in this race of life?

The most common regret of people’s life is that- they were not able to live their life to the fullest, not able to pursue their dreams, not able to follow out their passion, keeping themselves behind thinking what others will think about them, not giving themselves time and the list just varies.

When we sleep at night there is no guarantee that we will wake up the next morning and if you do Congrats!! You have another 24 hours to make your life meaningful and this cycle continues. This is what life is all about.

For some people life might be just Netflix and chill but believe me finding out a purpose for your life is what you should work upon. As it’s said-

“A life without purpose is a life wasted”

Try exploring your inner self, follow out your passion, and don’t restrict yourself thinking what others will think about you. Do, what you like. Live everyday as if it is the last one. Also, remember not to postpone things do what you have to do today only because tomorrow, never comes.

And the most important thing is to give yourself time, it doesn’t matter how busy are you from your everyday life.Even thinking just five minutes about yourself a day can give you the satisfaction, of living your life to the fullest.

Don’t forget your family and friends, spend some quality time with them. Try creating some good memories because at the end of the day it is just the memories, doesn’t matter good or bad that remains with you “ALWAYS and FOREVER”.

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