How To Deal With “Failiure”

I am sure you might have been familiar with the word FAILIURE. Well, most of you might have faced it as well at some phase of your life.

Some people like to see failure as an unsuccessful phase of life but I actually define failure as an opportunity given to us to do something much more extraordinary than the first time.

In our everyday lives, we came to know about so many successful people, but behind their rising success there are so many hardships and failures that are worth sharing.

We all must have seen the “STRANGER THINGS” but what we know about it is that- it is the No.1 T.V show on Netflix but what we don’t know is that- it was rejected 15 times before Netflix accepted it.

I know this must have blown away your mind but actually we never try to analyse the hardships and failure that are behind this so called “tag of success”. Also there are so many other stories that are worth sharing but what is the use then if we are not able to grasp the lesson from them.

Also if you are going to analyse the live of the people around you, you are going to learn a life lesson from each one of them, it doesn’t always have to be renowned or rich people. And if you truly want to motivate yourself I think your family and friends are enough.

 For example you could learn how your father became a successful businessman or how he got a prestigious job, you could even learn how your friend tackle a particular situation. Also, from your mother you could learn how she is able to do multitasking i.e. Doing household chores and then even able to take care of her kids and the list is never ending. In short, just try doing these small things so that you can make a big change one day.

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