Lockdown Diaries

Imagine coming back home after giving your last final exam and suddenly you found people around you talking about a lockdown that has been implemented the very same day. How would you feel? Something very similar happened with me- after giving my last annual exam my father was waiting for me, to pick me up.

On our way to home he told me about the lockdown. At that very moment all of dreams shattered- going for shopping, dining in fine restaurants and even my trip cancelled.

At that same time I realized that I am trapped inside the four walls of my house, soon it felt like a prison but the only difference was Netflix that saved me for a month but after that not even Netflix wasn’t able to save me through the mental trauma that I was facing.

It was now almost half a year that I haven’t stepped out of my house, to feel the nature that I loved experiencing, to walk on the very same wet grass early morning as I used to it before.

But back then I had a choice in front of me, either I could cry and complain about the situation or I could do something life changing and that’s when I decided to change my mentality and started writing “MOTIVATIONAL ARTICLES” for my blog website because I know how it felt to be hijacked from your brain. But it wasn’t as easy as it seems to be because I was such a person who was so poor in writing skills. A few years back I could barely write, even the writing section was the only section in which I scored poor marks in my exam and that’s when I promised myself to start working on my writing skills.

And now when I look back it felt like I made the right choice, and yes now when someone asks me, “Hey! girl how could write such good articles?” and then I proudly reply them LOCKDOWN taught me how to do this, also human creativity doesn’t ends here it is way ahead than we could ever image it’s just that we have to remove the tag of “IMPOSSIBLE” from our mind-set and then we will see the world differently just like when a colour blind person first sees the colours.

Last weekend was the very first time in six months when I ate my favourite pizza and just a single slice taught me everything about how life works. Sounds weird right? Let me tell you so the very first bite that I took had the pizza base and cheese that depicted our life and then comes the capsicum with a crisp which depicts the hardship in our life but if someone wants to balance their pizza he/she had to add the chilli flakes, but now it depends on the person how much he/she wants to add. Similarly, it depends on us how much effort we want to put in our life to eliminate the hardships.

Writing this blog is giving me the idea of how much I have changed in these past few months and it’s good to have a change in yourself by the time it’s for your improvement.

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