Importance Of Biodiversity Conservation

I remember my geography teacher teaching me the chapter “Biodiversity and Conservation”. And it was this past week only and coincidently it is now coming in handy. I remember him saying to our class that, “Our biodiversity is in danger and many plants and animals are at the stake of extinction”. Well I couldn’t believe him that time because if that was supposed to be true then how could people just don’t care about such an important factor.

Are all those slogans saying “Don’t use straws- save the turtles” were for nothing because still tetra packs are sold with a plastic straws and many fast food chains are using those plastic straws only. Although there are some exceptions but it’s not enough. If we really don’t want to see all those turtles dying just because of the straw that we threw in our dustbins then we definitely have to contribute more.

“Importance of conserving our biodiversity” is not just a simple set of words but means a lot in itself. The topic of biodiversity is not new to us. We know it forms the foundation of human life, helps to continue the food chain, provide medicinal treatments for various diseases, and helps to fulfill our nutritional needs. Even knowing all this we still are doing absolutely nothing. Like we know that we can’t live without oxygen but still the tress are being cut down ruthlessly. Can we imagine our life without consuming any food? The answer is ‘no’ then, why we are damaging our environment? The day when there will be no food left for us, we humans our going to realize that we should have done something earlier but then it would be so late. Now! Yes now is the time that after knowing the importance of biodiversity we have to do something.

 But if we want to bring this change we couldn’t expect a single person to come forward and save the world. Each and every single contribution is going to help save the earth and our future generations to live a better life. We could not let any more animals to extinct. Like I didn’t get to see a rhinoceros because it got extinct in 2018. And if this will continue then we could not expect our future generations to encounter some of the most beautiful creation of the nature.

These topics shouldn’t be just a part of our books but should be widely discussed and awareness must be increased among people so that they can also know “there is still time left”.

I know people have grown selfish these days. It’s harsh but true. So if not for the whole world if they could just think of their grandson/daughters to provide them the best future they can. The earth would be a better place to live and to enjoy all the gifts of nature.

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