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Well so much has changed within these past few decades. It’s hard to tell where to start from. I remember doing this debate competition two years backs where the topic was “The youth power- advanced or lost” I choose to speak against the motion. But I regret taking that decision that time because after doing research, analyzing and experiencing this fact I got to know that it isn’t the youth that are lost but it’s a pressure on them-of living up to everyone’s expectations.

The society that I live in still judges a person not the basis of their passion, interests and capabilities but on much they score, yes their marks.

Today’s generation has so much pressure on them to score good because come on, then the society eliminate you, and would put you in the same bucket where you have no choice, except to take your own life.

 I remember one of my aunt asking my mom her age, but my mother refuses to tell and then she replied her saying, “Oh! Come on your age is just a number”. I wish if that saying would apply to our marks as well, because then we could see a decline in the percentage of youths that suicide every day.

Suicide and mental health are the topics that are not given much importance as compared to news regarding what a particular celebrity is going to wear at met gala.

People still believe that suicides are just mere accidents but little does they know that it is a situation where your brain gets high jacked and you have absolutely no control on your actions, feelings and emotions. I was listening to one of the interviews where a girl shares how she survived her brother’s suicide, and it was painful, moreover the boy was just 15.

It’s so easy to put stories on Instagram and Facebook saying, “If you really need to talk about something, I am always here for you”, but could you expect a person who has lost hopes even from him/herself would be able to ask for assistance from a third person.

There is already so much hate out there, but if we are not capable of praising someone then we have absolutely no rights to shatter the self-confidence of the children of my generation. There is still a long way to reach where we could see world as a better place. I wish our next generation could actually write something better in this article.

 If someone wants to achieve success in their life, they should keep continuing the hard work because then the society is going to tell you, at the beginning, ‘why are you doing it?’ But it will be the same bunch of people that will ask you after you achieved success, ‘how did you achieve that?’

Also everyone wants to be successful and success for us could be anything getting our dream job, getting into our Dream University but success in today’s world comes with how much money you have- says our society.

If you have money with you everyone is going to respect you, will be friendly and nice to you and they are going to see you as this great idol even though if it’s your dad’s hard owned money.

But if you don’t have money people will not even notice your existence. There is so much hatred, negativity and abhorrence out in in the world that there is no place for generous and kind people.

Our generation has this fear in mind of being judged. This afternoon only kids in my neighborhood were talking of how many IPhone their parents own, one said 2, the other said 5 and the third said 7 and then the other two started to make fun of the first one, whose parents own 2 IPhone. This is a very small example to showcase this problem of being superior to the other and those kids were only 7-9 years old. Where do you think they are picking this from?

So it means it is us. Yes we are the only ones who could stop all these innocent suicides and judging. Well this is the time we all should realize that my generation needs a help from all the people that they should change their mindset because like we feel, that we should live our lives independently and happily. Similarly, we should let others live their lives to the fullest.

My generation wants to see-

Actual love in a relationship, want equal rights and respect for women in every industry. And most importantly humanity, the most important jewel of human beings. Well if we continue spreading hatred and negativity, that day is not far where we could see animals ruling the world.

And you cannot expect a single person to come forward and save the world. We all as a community have to come forward to help eliminating this stereotyping, judging and innocent suicides.

It’s our duty to save all those families who are forced to encounter the painful incident of their children taking their own lives.

All those national suicidal helplines are of no use if we still continue to judge a person on the clothes they wear, the cast they belong to, the color of their skin, how much marks they score.

My generation is crying for help and it is the time to actually do something. Our elders have helped us from passing through some bad things and now they have to do this just one more time.

I know people have grown selfish these days. It’s harsh but true. So if not for the whole world if they could just think of their own grandson/daughters to provide them the best future they can. The world would be a much better place to live.

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