New Year Resolutions-2021

I am super excited right now to talk about the things that I learnt this year. We all know that this year has been quite rough and challenging for everyone. From being in quarantine to missing our regular lives, this year has taught so much to us. But the one most prominent thing that 2020 taught us was that, life is so unpredictable. Like when I said this, I actually mean it. Like a few weeks ago our Spotify 2020 wrapped arrived and my favorite artists and songs does not even make up to the top 5 list. By this I actually got to know that you are not always going to get what you want. You have to work hard for it.

Also like who could have thought that we have to be home school apparently or we will learn how to bake a cake.

All those days of being in quarantine was a whole new experience for everyone. This was the first time that I discovered life in a new way, beyond our textbooks and projects. I found that life does not have a single aspect to look at it, you can look at the way you want. Just like coloring your drawing book using the colors you like.

But since we are about to enter in 2021. Let’s make a promise together that we will make this year our year. Not just by watching Netflix all day but doing something meaningful in our lives.

Promise yourself that you will do what you love from the bottom of your heart. Even if you love playing video games, just think of you can actually revolve your life around it.

Promise yourself to stay focused and motivated throughout the year even if there are downfall in your lives. Because believe me life is meaningless without failures and I feel some of them are necessary to spice up our lives a little bit. I actually love defining failures as an opportuinity given to us to do something much more extraordinary than the first time.

Promise yourself to live everyday as if it’s the last one. But by this line I don’t mean to eat donuts and pizzas everyday even if you have an exam tomorrow. By this line I actually mean to give yourself time out of your busy lives and think that, am I living my life the way I want it to be?

Promise yourself to never look back because you cannot change your past. If you are tensed regarding something you did in past, so please don’t be, just erase that memory because believe me some memories are meant to be destroyed.

Promise yourself to spend time not just with your family and friends but also with yourself, sounds weird but it’s not. Try knowing your soul better, because ultimately it is the only one that is going to remain with you till your last breath.

Promise yourself that you will always create good memories. There is one line that is very near to my heart and I wrote it six months back in one of my first blog and it says,

“Try creating some memories because at the end of the day it is just the memories doesn’t matter good or bad that remains with us always and forever”

At the end I would like say that life is hard but we can make it easy if we all are together. If anytime a feeling arrives in your mind which says, I cannot do it. Tell yourself that you can do this because ‘it is in my blood’. I guess I love Shawn Mendes way too much.

Wishing you all a very happy new year

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