The Most Tragic Event Of My Life

Today, 16th March 2021, I was supposed to board my flight to Andaman and Nicobar islands at 8:00 AM. I woke up at 3:00 AM, got ready and then me and my family head off to the airport. Everything was going smoothly as expected.

We got into the check-in line to drop off our luggage. As soon as we got to the counter we showed our tickets, and then we showed our Adhaar Card (identity card in India) and then the lady at the counter asked us to show our boarding pass but guess what we didn’t had boarding pass.

But that wasn’t even the problem, she was ready to print them for us and then she asked my father that why he hadn’t done the web check-in.

Basically my father didn’t knew that this was the thing since this was our first time taking a flight after pandemic. But the problem doesn’t end there. The lady at the counter was ready to do the web check-in for us.

And then she asked us for our RT- PCR Covid report. Don’t worry we had the report with us. But after examining the report she told us, “Sorry! You cannot board this flight”

At that moment we all were devastated. Believe me in that moment I was completely lost. But you might wonder why did she said that. So we gave our sample to test in on 13th march at noon. And we got our report back on 14th march.

But according to the state policy of Andaman we were supposed to give our samples 48 hour prior to boarding. So after doing rigorous calculations, if we would have given our sample 20 hours after the time we actually did on, we were supposed to be in Andaman’s currently.

So this wouldn’t be my article if I will not tell what I learnt from this experience or at least any message or anything. I have summarized the main three below-

  1. Always try to seek more knowledge about the thing you are about to do. Fun Fact- I knew about the 48 hour rule and I warned my father about it but he didn’t knew that rules were actually implemented with strictness here unlike other places.
  2. You are never perfect, it doesn’t matter how eager or prepared you are regarding anything. Some limitations will always be there.
  3. Don’t worry! Life is all about gathering experiences and learning from your mistake so that you don’t repeat it in future.

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