On 13th March, 2021, I got a chance to be a part of JENESYS (Japanese Language Exchange Program) international exchange program with Japan. Because of the covid-19 scenario the interaction was held online, but that didn’t restrict me from gaining knowledge. I was one of 18 students from all across India who got this opportunity to attend the exchange program. Believe me it was wonderful.

The exchange program was organized by JICE (Japan International Cooperation Centre) with a view towards promoting mutual understanding and friendship with Japanese Youths. All the ASEAN and SAARC member countries were a part of this amazing program.

The theme of the webinar was pollution where we learnt about how Japan has been coping up with problems related to pollutions in the past and present. We even saw a short film about the same and it was really interesting.

In short, I loved being a part of the event and after this event I definitely want to go and visit Japan.

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