The Power Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is considered to be a divine power. Now as you will read along you will get to know of why I am saying so. Tell me when was the last time you had a beef with someone and you are still not over it. I am sure there must be many cases that will be revolving around your mind.

Also if I am not wrong whenever you think of those cases you still get jealous or disgusted by that incident or person. Am I right? Well let me tell you are not the only one. Even I used to do that until I realized how wrong I was.

In our lives we will meet so many people with whom we will not get well along, and that is perfectly fine because you don’t have to. After all you cannot expect everyone to like you and you cannot like everyone.

Like I always say, “life is all about learning and gathering experiences” but the one thing we should be keep in mind is to not hurt anyone’s feeling in the process.

Let me explain with an example that why I am giving you this forgiveness lecture. So recall of the last funeral you attended, you could recall people saying,

Oh boy! He/she was such a nice human being;

I should have talked to him;

I met him/her such a long ago;

I should have forgiven him/her.

Now after reading this did you get what I was trying to say. People only realizes someone’s value once they are gone, so why not now?

Believe me this is your time to forgive all the people that have hurt you or your feelings, in the past, in some or the other way. So go ahead and open a new chapter of your life with positivity. Have a fresh start, after all everyone deserves a second chance, right?

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