How To Stay Productive?

Now many of us might have been getting off track from our schedule and our productivity level has become really low.

So do you also want to get back on track? Well have no fear because I am here. I have a complete roadmap that can actually help you to be super productive in your daily life.

Let’s discuss in 5 main points for a better understanding.

  1. Wake up early- Now everyone knows that waking up early is the key to success and that is actually true. Waking up early gives us additional hours in our day that can be utilized pretty efficiently. Now I know the advice must sound hollow if I will not tell you how to wake up early. First things first changing your lifestyle takes time so you cannot expect a person who wakes up at 10AM to instead wake up at 6AM within a day. Therefore changes comes slowly. Now believe me I always had a hard time waking up on my own, even with countless alarms I wasn’t able to wake up early even if I wanted to. So if my case if similar to yours lets know how to deal with that. The most simple could be asking your mother or sibling to wake you up. If that don’t work try this. Before going to sleep always tell your mind at what time do you want to be up. Now most of you might find it funny, but just try it once.
  • Prepare a ‘to do list’ – I cannot emphasize on this point enough but making a ‘to do list’ should be your priority. It not only gives you a fair idea of what our day will look like but also you get a fair idea of how to manage our day aka time management.
  • Don’t overburden yourself- Okay this is probably the most important advice just don’t overburden yourself. Be minimalistic. Don’t try to do a lot of things in short time but do a few things in long time. That sounds confusing. But the main idea to give each task its desired time. Overburdening yourself doesn’t ends up well, our focus, energy, thoughts, time everything drains away.
  • Take proper rest in between tasks- Productivity requires focus and energy, but a drained body and mind can never be productive. Therefore always take breaks in between tasks to improve your productivity level. My general thumb rule says to always take a 15 minute break after an hour and 5-10 minute break after half an hour. Also it depends on how rigorous the task was. Supposing I was reading for an hour then a break of 5 minutes would might just be perfect. But if I am learning or writing 15 minutes seems fine. Also taking breaks more often can result in better productivity.
  • Avoid distractions- Now your day cannot become productive/meaningful if you will be on your phone the entire day. That is why avoiding distractions is might just what your life needs. Now I am not telling you to say goodbye to your phone or other electronic device. All I am saying is to fix some hours in which you can give yourself the “ME” time.

Therefore all these points that I just discussed were some of the main things that requires in order to increase our productivity. Hope you might have got your answers by now and now you know exactly what all it takes for a day to be productive.

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