16 things to know before turning 16

Turning 16 is a weird feeling but it comes with a lot of responsibilities and a heavy realisation that you are not 15 anymore. So I have gathered a total of 16 things that you should know before turning 16. So even if you are already 16 or above these things still might be very useful for you. I have made a full podcast episode on this so if you want to hear that click here

  1. Having a purpose/meaning to your life
  2. Keeping faith in your dreams
  3. Build Yourself Strong  ( Emotionally and Physically)
  4. Learn how to be alone/ Lower your dependence on others
  5. Don’t have too many friends ( some genuine ones are enough)
  6. Create a positive space around you/ Be with good people
  7. Start Early for your dreams and day as well
  8. Live in the present
  9. Don’t expect anything from others/ Be self sufficient
  10.  Stop caring about the looks
  11.  Focus on purifying your soul
  12.  Live every day to the fullest/ Live in the present
  13.  Be realistic to yourself
  14.  Develop a close relationship with your parents
  15.  Always stick on to hope in life
  16.  Implement these 15 things in your life

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