Bullying Needs To Stop

Mental health

Bullying is described as the intentional injury or harming of another person by nasty and insulting remarks or physical harassment, as we’ve seen thus far. It is very common for us to see and hear in daily life by our elders that we should never bully anyone, and if we observe someone who is being bullied, We should step in to help them and put an end to the bullies. But, have you ever considered why it’s so vital to put an end to bullying? Well, if you haven’t, then here in this writing we will talk about why is it important to stop bullying.

Bullying takes a major toll on an individual’s mental health. Because the individual is bullied on a regular basis, such statements are often delivered orally (verbal bullying), via chat (cyberbullying), or in any other method that affects the individual’s mental process. At one point, it is possible that even the individual starts to think of himself just the same way he is portrayed by bullies and if it continues for a prolonged time, then it can also cause other problems too, which will be discussed later. 

The prejudicial remarks on race, caste, religion or on any other grounds can result in low self esteem and confidence in the bullied individuals. For example- if a person is daily bullied by remarks such as “You cannot speak properly, you are incapable of doing anything” or “You are so dark that nearly no light color suits you, you look like a contrast in that case”, then due to these remarks, he will blame himself more for being the way he/she is, he/she would speak less in any meeting or a get-to-together and would probably refrain from wearing any light color clothes even if they like them. This eventually results in less respect for one’s own self and reduced confidence to put their opinions in front of others. This is usually done in verbal/ social and prejudicial  bullying. 

Physical harm to body

 Hitting, slapping, pushing, tripping, spitting etc. constitutes physical bullying. In such cases, it is obvious to say that the person bullied would have experienced physical harm and would bear injuries on his body, which in turn would reduce his performance in his concerned institution like school, workplace or any other.


As we have discussed how bullying affects mental health, now it is important to know that it can even take the form of self-harm. People who are the victims of bullying consider it better to run away or to quit the place to escape the bullying rather to oppose it. A particular term “bullicide” is known for suicides committed by individuals because of bullying. This can be the adverse effect of excessive bullying and many cases have been reported of bullicide in recent times, where well-grown adults harm themselves. This is a typical occurrence in all forms of bullying and can happen to anyone of any age.

Psychological disorders 

There is a difference between problems in mental health and having psychological disorders. In simple terms, we can say that psychological disorders are a subsequent consequence of not having a good mental health or a poor mental health. Bullying can cause serious psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, withdrawal and behavior related problems like high aggression and low toleration levels etc. This can create major problems in adulthood. 

Cornering and reserving themselves

Due to the problems aforesaid, the individual better thinks to stay by himself and limits his relations with others, irrespective of the nature of the other individuals approaching them. The person deserts himself from social gatherings and prefers to be alone, even when he/she likes to participate in social gatherings. 

Increased insecurities 

As people hear to offensive remarks daily, they tend to develop insecurities out of them. As mentioned before, they tend to believe the remarks made on them which cause them to believe that they are not the best versions of themselves and start comparing to others, which eventually paves way for unhealthy lifestyle and zero happiness. 

Reduced happiness and contentedness in life

It is needless to say, that by considering all the above-mentioned affects, it is impossible to have a healthy and happy life. A person may be disease free but to be healthy he/she must be mentally, emotionally and physically strong and contented from within.

To sum up, all these affects have a major impact on a person’s health, performance,  productivity, creativity and lifestyle. Hence, Bullying must be eradicated. 

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