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Are you having the same view of yourself when you were a teen, and having the same view when you are young? The answer is Yes, it does not matter at the phase of your life you are when you look into the mirror you are always conscious about your body. The world we live in defining the beauty of a person by their body images. Everyone here is obsessed with their bodies. Over the decade’s body image is being idealized all the time, there is a beauty standard that is acceptable by society that should have a certain shape size look weight. This standard tells us that our bodies need to fit in this narrow definition of beauty. The majority of people try to improve their bodies so that they can fit into this world beauty standard. It seems everything starts with images of the body and end with it, Today people
value appearance more than the person itself. Over the year’s social media standardized the body image in various ways which have always shown that body needs to be of a certain size, shape, weight. A larger population is influenced by social media and so is the perception of body images of social media. This social expectation of the perfect appearance makes people feel bad about their body to the extent that they feel ashamed of their body they want to transform their body according to what should be ideal body look alike. Somehow people try to live up to it. In the process of living up to the standard of image, people start ignoring the cons of practices used by them to have the positive image of their bodies. If a person is not happy with their body they may suffer some serious health problems, mental disorders, eating disorders, depression, stress, anxiety. People need to understand that every person is beautiful in their way. If a person wishes to change the way they look, there is nothing wrong with that, but it should be in a manner of self-love and care not meant to fit in the shoe of beauty norms defined by society for so many years. Instead of changing yourself to fit into the perception of others, change the way you look up to your body, accept the way you are self-acceptance is important, start loving yourself.
One needs to love, accept and cherish its own body, should be comfortable in own skin, size, shape, look, weight, colour. One should feel good about what you look like, care for yourself will give a new outlook on life. When you are happy with the way you are can share the same happiness with others as well. People need to learn that they should be positive and happy with everybody. It is vital to change the perception of seeing own and other bodies because it’s not an individual issue but is a societal problem. It is high time for people to understand that beauty lies within one.

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